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Nov 20, 2012 6:00am PST
-pacific region. east asia's security environment is getting comp collated, so i believe our alliance the really important. >> that alliance between the united states and japan has been a cornerstone of prosperity and security in the region. and we are going to have the opportunity to further discuss steps we're taking to renew that vision and that alliance for the 21st century. >> noda and obama also spoke about the trans-pacific partnership. the prime minister emphasized his determination to speed up talks to bring japan closer to joining the free-trade agreement. >>> the former tokyo governor says japan needs to look at the possibility of acquiring nuclear arms. the outspoken politician made the remark while preparing for a snap election next month. 80-year-old shintaro ishihara now leads an opposition group. he talked to foreign correspondents in tokyo. >> translator: it would be good to conduct a simulation on japan holding nuclear weapons because they can act as a deterrent. the decision of acquiring them or not can be decided later. >> ishihara surprised the public in april by
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am PST
corruption. >> translator: in the new environment, our party faces many tough challenges. there are numerous pressing problems within the party and senior ranks that need to be resolved, especially corruption and the acceptance of bribes. >> reporter: xi jinping is taking over the position of general secretary from hu jintao. he will lead the political bureau standing committee, china's main decision-making body. the number of seats on the committee has been reduced to seven from nine. analysts say the party made the change to speed up the decision-making process. xi jinping and another top official, li keqiang, have been on the standing committee since 2007. the rest of the members are new. xi introduced them all during his speech. [ applause ] >> li keqiang. comrade zhang dejiang. comrade liu yunshan. comra comrade yu zhengsheng. and comrade zhang gaoli. >> reporter: the majority of officials on the standing committee are allies of former president jiang zemin, who retired from politics nearly a decade ago. they face a number of challenges. one is revving up china's slowing econom
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2